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When you give towards Faith Center, all tithe and offerings go directly into ministry to serve and reach people for Jesus. Only with your support are we able to do everything from Sunday morning services, children and youth programs, community outreach and benevolence, small groups, recovery programs, and so much more.


As a church we have also committed to giving a percentage of general giving directly to global missions and missionaries worldwide as we look to serve locally and globally, making disciples in all nations.


We firmly believe God has placed the family of Faith Center in The Grande Ronde Valley to be a beacon of hope and joy, elevating the lives of those around us as we point others towards the love of Jesus.

We can't do it without you!



When you click the "Donate" button you will have options to give in set increments or a specific amount of your choosing. You can make a one time donation or set it up as a reoccurring offering. You will also see the option to cover the small fee for an online donation, if you choose. If you do not wish to pay this fee, you can still give and we will cover the fee for you.


You will also see a few specific ministries you can give towards, along with General Giving. When selecting General Giving, your offering is used for church wide ministries as needs arise and according to our budget set annually and approved by our council. If you choose to give to a specific ministry listed other than General Giving, your offering will only be used for that specific ministry.


THANK YOU for partnering with us to see our community transformed by the love of God and the generosity of His people. 

Image by Diego PH
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