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Heart Of The Father

In the series "Heart Of The Father" we will discover deeper truths about who God is, how to put our full trust in Him, and how to heal from past wounds that hold us back.

The Fathers Heart is to see ours healed. 

Part 2: Family Tree

Our Heavenly Father brings strength, security, stability, and healing to our pain.

Continuing the series "Heart Of The Father,” Pastor Cameron brings a powerful word in the second installment titled “Family Tree.” We are encouraged to confront our past in order to move forward. As we look at our origins in order to help move forward,  we don’t look backward to blame, but we look backward to build.


Watch Sermon 2 and think about the following questions. (Journaling your answers is encouraged)

Question One:

What are some generational patterns you are asking God to break in your family?

Question Two:

What are some of the biggest barriers to addressing sin in your life, and what are practical ways to overcome them?


As we heal from the past and establish healthy patterns for the future, it's good to take an emotional evaluation of how we currently feel. While we don't live by our emotions, they are a helpful guide to evaluating our current mental, physical, and spiritual state.
How do you currently feel?

Anxious, insecure, uncertain, sad... Take a moment to evaluate your current emotional state.

What are you afraid of?

What we're scared of often holds power over our ability to live emotionally healthy and free. Identifying what scares you is a good first step to shifting mental patterns and strongholds.

What can you let go of?

Sometimes our emotions rule over us without constraint. It's okay to feel out of control when it comes to your emotions, but you don't have to navigate the waters alone.

Whats on your mind?

Rehearsing or chewing on something from the past? Often times we find ourselves unable to move forward because of an emotional hangup in the past.

What are you carrying?

We all carry emotional baggage. Our response can be a result of baggage we're still carrying. Past trauma, broken relationships, rejection, and other emotional weights have a real effect on our present moment.

Family Tree:

In life, we have our family of origin and our family of choice. We choose the people we do life with. But from birth, we're tied to our family of origin. Exploring our family ties can help us examine and explain some of our behavioral patterns and ways of being.

01 - Create your family tree by generation

02 - Reflect on your family dynamics using the following reflection points

Reflect On...
  • Names of family members at least 3 generations back

  • Individuals who may have had specific struggles

  • Religious affiliations / backgrounds

  • Heroes or heroins in the family

  • Marital status of previous generations

  • General family dynamics

  • Examples of family triumphs

  • Examples of family tragedies

  • Names of people in your family you identify with most

Family Tree Graphic.png


Healing from your past is easier in community and with the power of prayer. Don't walk this journey alone. Pray with a partner, pastor, or a friend. If you are interested, you can share a prayer request with the Faith Center lead team in the form below and we commit to be partnering with you in prayer.
How can we pray?

Thanks for sharing!

Our team will be partnering with you in prayer!

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