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It is God Who gives seed to the man to plant. He also gives the bread to eat. Then we know He will give you more seed to plant and make it grow so you will have more to give away. God will give you enough so you can always give to others. Then many will give thanks to God for sending gifts through us. This gift you give not only helps Christians who are in need, but it also helps them give thanks to God. You are proving by this act of love what you are. They will give thanks to God for your gift to them and to others. This proves you obey the Good News of Christ. They will pray for you with great love because God has given you His loving-favor. 

Thank God for His great Gift.

  2 Corinthians 9:10-15

From the desk of Pastor Cameron

Dear Friend,


We are so incredibly grateful for your faithful support and contribution to Faith Center this previous year. Your generosity makes every single ministry of Faith Center possible. Last year, we accomplished some vital and transformative work. Without exaggeration or hyperbole, it could not have been done without you. I wanted to share as much detail as possible within this letter as a way of celebrating the work of God through Faith Center in 2022, and updating you on the many blessings your financial contribution made possible.


When 2022 began we reflected on prior years that brought many changes. Nevertheless, we knew our Savior remained the same and is forever worthy of our praise. As the body of Christ, we are sent to love and serve our neighbors from across the street, and around the world. Though not  limited to a building, we knew gathering was vital to our soul and spiritual journey to become more like Christ. Together, in 2022, we celebrated every Lord’s Day gathering in Jesus name, spurring one another toward love and good deeds. Every Sunday, the gift of communal worship ushered us into His presence, and was led by Chong Slippy before handing the baton to Lea Emmerson. I was blessed and humbled by the privilege of bringing biblical teaching every Sunday I spoke. On the Sundays I did not teach, I was overjoyed to receive teaching from Pastor Ted Davis, Kelly Brown, Verlyn Savage, and Chong Slippy.


Your financial support empowers all components of gathering and equipping that takes place every Sunday. 


Over the year, by God’s grace, Sunday services grew in both strength and in numbers. Your giving made it possible for us to serve more people. We updated our physical space in all areas to meet the needs of our growing congregation. Spaces like our lobby, library, and Mothers Lounge were remodeled by Emily Butler who leads our Campus Care team. With the growing number in our sanctuary, our Sunday School needs expanded as well. We needed more space. Led by our Children’s Ministry Coordinator Bekah Hefner, we added another classroom to serve these new young family members. The generosity of God’s people made it possible to buy the materials needed to expand and fill classrooms with supplies and activities for our kids to worship and know Jesus.


Your giving allows the quipping and discipleship of many students and volunteers every Sunday,  in every generation, in every ministry.


In addition to the improvements for Sunday gatherings, we made updates to the Nextgen Building. This allowed for an expanded purpose of the space, while remaining youth focused. With these updates, we were able to make it available for community events outside of Faith Center, serving all of Union County. Your generosity positioned us to foster new relationships and connections outside the faith community and to better serve our neighbors. Additionally, your giving facilitated the ongoing development of our online presence. As our in person gatherings grew, perhaps surprisingly, so did our online community. People connect with Faith Center from around the globe. Your donations helped us preach the name of Jesus from La Grande, Oregon to La Réunion, France. Literally. 


Outside of Sunday morning, Faith Center led different outreaches and activities to bring people closer to the love of Christ. God directed our Youth Ministry through transition in 2022, and was glorified throughout the changes. Under the  leadership of Joe and Kelly Brown, our Youth Ministry began hosting separate groups for middle and high school students, meeting weekly to equip and empower in their faith. They also hosted monthly outreach activities to serve and grow in community. Glorious Grannies, led by Ellen Whitcraft, met every week for bible study and prayer. Celebrate Recovery gathered every Tuesday for biblical teaching, assisting individuals in overcoming different hurts and hangups, under the leadership of Brooke Cline. Once a month, a group led by Evelyn Donell gathers to share and discuss different works of creative writing and artistic expression as worship. Every school day, we lend our parking lot to Cove and Imbler school districts for bus pick up and drop off. During the '21-'22 school year, college students met in our home for community and bible study led my Bekah Hefner, Vanessa Swindlehurt, Gus and Katie Titus, and myself.


Every day of every week was a gift in 2022, and your giving made way for the gospel to be shared and disciples to be made, every single day of the week.


Along with the weekly ministry, we had radical events that shined the light of Jesus and led to remarkable transformation. These events create specific avenues and for people to engage with the love of God. They can opens doors to relationships that otherwise may be locked and allows the heart of Jesus to be seen in how we serve. Here are just a  few of the events we organized.


- For the first time in two summers, Faith Center Youth Ministry attended Summer Camp where eleven students made decisions to live fully for Jesus.


- Similarly, for the first time in many years, Children’s Ministry hosted a Vacation Bible School where 30 kids Pre-K through 5th grade learned about God the Creator, and that they themselves were wonderfully and fearfully made.


- Faith Center hosted a community Harvest Party with over two hundred people in attendance. Families enjoyed a safe and free alternative or supplement to their Halloween activities.


- Led by Zach Hall, Genesis Discipleship School coordinated a team which traveled to and volunteered at The Los Angeles Dream Center, reaching the underserved communities of LA. 


-  Faith Center became the Community Lead Church for Safe Families, an organization designed to create support for families in crisis. We hosted a training and Q+A session as they create their network in Union County.


- We organized an Eastern Oregon University Prayer Walk to surround the campus, students, and faculty in prayer.


- We hosted a free Thanksgiving Dinner where community was invited to prepare and enjoy a meal together, led by Brooke Cline.


- Both relationships and faith blossomed as women of Faith Center gathered for a Women’s Retreat in which Camile Brown brought teaching and encouragement.


- Our newest team member, Lea Emmerson, coordinated caroling at two local nursing homes and touched the hearts of the residents with the the joy of Jesus.


Each event or gathering became a holy moment. Volunteers and leaders, filled with the presence of God, became an outstretched hand to our community. Every dollar you give fuels moments like these.


Through The Bridge, Faith Center was able to meet the needs of many in need within Union County. Over $6,000 went directly to local families needing help with their electric bills, diapers, groceries, school supplies, clothing needs, and much more. We gave nearly $13,000 to global missions in partnership with Foursquare Mission International (FMI) who is training and equipping mission workers. Through FMI, there are currently over 300 missionaries in 16 different global regions that are supported by our giving. Along with FMI, Faith Center gave financial support to our beloved Wendy Chamberlin serving as a medical missionary in Sierra Leon, as well as Bobbi Kunselman (Durand) who was serving on a YWAM base in Orlando, FL. 

God used the generosity of His people to reach people we will only know in eternity.  


While this letter holds almost an overwhelming number of instances in which God was glorified, it is still a small piece of the miracle in motion through the family of Faith Center. Together, we gathered to be equipped and become more like Christ. Then, we turn to our neighbor to love, serve, and disciple as they drew near to His presence. We are humbled by your financial and intangible contributions to our community. Our mission continues to impact our neighbors through the willingness and generosity of His people putting their hands together in prayer and to provide. This work is simply not possible without your partnership. With your continued support, we pray to continue His work in obedience to Christ until His return.


With the deepest gratitude,  


Pastor Cameron Hefner

Lead Pastor, La Grande Faith Center


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