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Revelations  of  Jesus for  His  Church


                        The Book of Revelation may be the most misunderstood book in the Bible. However, if we better understand the context, community, and nature of this letter, the text can reshape the way we see the world. We could read Jesus’ message to the seven churches not just as a fantastic and mystical prophecy,  but rather a practical guide for believers seeking to follow Him in a lost and broken culture.

Join us at Faith Center for a 7-sermon conversation around the The Revelation of Jesus Christ to seven historic churches and what it means for your life today.


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Dive into weekly sermons and journey through the book of Revelation in community.


Jesus gave 2 commandments to his early followers...


It is impossible to get inside a locked door without a key, but...


Our faith is built on the firm foundation...

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These seven Churches all focused on blazing a path for Christ. As they went, Jesus gave correction and clarity. Although they had made movement for the mission, they each had a fatal flaw. We can learn from examining their patterns and Jesus' response.

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the church of


Strength: Hard work, patience, endurance, perseverance.

Flaw: Loss of identity, forsaking their first love.

Lesson: Truth and love must go hand in hand. Doctrinal purity without love and truth miss Jesus.

the church of


Strength: Loyal to Christ.

Flaw: Compromise. Tolerating teachings of people who practiced idolatry.

Lesson: We cannot let the patterns of the world dilute our values. Instead, we are bring transformed daily by God's word.

the church of


Strength: Faithfulness.

Flaw: Idolatry that led to spiritual death.

Lesson: Going through the motions of faith without feeding our spirit leads to death. Engaging faith in community leads to life

the church of


Strength: None.

Flaw: Loss of Identity. Trying to be self-sufficient & searching for wealth led to loss of love, faithfulness, & relationship with Jesus.

Lesson: It's easy to become complacent in our faith during times of abundance. Keep seeking The Lord's face even after His hand has bestowed riches in our lives.

the church of


Strength: Endurance through suffering and poverty

Flaw: None. Smyrna was faithful in the face of persecution.

Lesson: Although we may suffer greatly, the length of tribulation will be short compared to the promise of eternal life.

the church of


Strength: Deeds, love, faith, service, patient endurance, constant improvement.

Flaw: Justifying teachings that led to idolatry.

Lesson: To share in Christ's victory we must avoid false teaching and hold firm to the truth.

the church of


Strength: Faithful to the word, true to Jesus' name.

Flaw: None. Despite its weakness, the church in Philadelphia remained strong because of its faithfulness.

Lesson: Blessings come when we maintain our faith despite life's tribulations. When we persevere despite weakness, we stand strong.

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